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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  October 5, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> thank you for joining us. i am heather childers. thank you for waking up with us and watching "fox friends first. they spent longer trying to get there than they did investigating. we are talking about fbi agents who arrived in benghazi libya to investigate our terror attack on our consulate there. they gathered what evidence was left and headed out 12-hours later. the fbi revealing little information they found except to say they are continuing to work with the state department just disaccident and defense
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departments also libya's government. the fbi's visit was held up for weeks because of security concerns. american airlines cancelling dozens more flights because it's grounding nearly 50 planes for the second time this week to make repairs to some of the seats. you may remember after it didn't work the first time around american says a locking mechanism needs to be enhanced to make sure no more seats pop lose. there were three incidents where that happened early this week. few hours from now new jobs numbers will be released for the month of september. it is 32 day brothers the president will face voerts at the polls and if the experts are right about the numbers they won't do him any favors. the unemployment rate is expect to do inch up above the 8.1 percent this spelling more bad news for the president who was hammered over the declining
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economy. >> now to extreme weather. fall may have just arrived but old man winter already hitting the midwest. check out this brand new video snow falling over minnesota and north dakota. some areas may see a foot by the end of today. the wet snow causing trouble on the roads and knocking out power to thousands of people. guest who the first lady would like to pick to play president obama if a movie were made about him? >> you are responsible for your house guest. i am your house guest. >> there you see him right there. mrs. obama said she would probably choose denzel washington. pop sugar viewers an entertainment network asked. there's another actor that could give him a run for his money, will smith because of his ears. the first lady declined to answer who would play her in a movie. that is your 5@5:00.
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>> both nice looking men. >> president obama and mitt romney both back on the campaign trail after their first presidential debate. romney looking to keep his momentum from what many call a decisive win in round one. peter doocy is live from washington with more. >> good morning heather. mitt romney's boast debate strategy is clearly to keep pressure on the president. he went into further detail about specifically why another hourors of obama in his opinion would damage the already weak' con me further. >> what i find so offensive about his packs plan is by raising taxes on small business he will kill i don't knows. what america needs is more jobs more take home pay. that's the focus of my campaign. i know what the president has been campaigning on and saying
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about me is different than what i actually am what i believe. that's where the difference came. what the president has been saying and reality are pretty far apart. >> before that hannity interview aired mr. romney running mate paul ryan and trace atkins all rallied where he trailed by 3 and a half points in the real clear politics average of polls. the campaign says 10,000 people showed up to see the gop nominee for the first time since his strong debate debut. the president went to wisconsin yesterday afternoon where he is up 7 and a half in the polls. he drew about 30,000 folks from the university wisconsin in madison and started trying out new lines related to things romney said on wednesday. >> when he was asked what he would do he said he would eliminate funding for public
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television. thank goodness someone is finally getting tough on big bird. it's about time. we didn't know that big bird was driving the federal deficit. but that's what we heard last night. how about that? elmo, too? >> president president and mitt romney about start off rallys in virginia and florida another swing state for a rally. >> thank you very much, peter. appreciate it. time for a look at who is talking and the debate is what mitt romney is talking about. sean hannity getting the presidential hopeful's exclusive reaction to his performance on wednesday night. take a look at this. >> i was pleased i had a chance to talk about my vision forl america. the president was able to answer
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some questions that i posed i think americans across the country wanted to have answered. it was not a big gotcha night coming from the moderator but instead the president and i to go toe-to-toe on important issues people care about. i thought it was a helpful night. in the final analysis people will decide what kind of america they want. >> charles krauthammer is giving his analysis they got to see governor romney but wednesday offering a different view of him. >> romney had the highest negatives at this stage of the campaign in any challenger in three decades. they work only up to until they collide with reality. reality is a debate where you see the real guy for the first time and you get this remarkable
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reaction in the cbs poll 56 percent of respondents said their opinion of romney had risen. their opinion of romney had been that he is a rapacious capitalist gecko that cares for nobody except himself and money. they see a reasonable guy tough and respectful and they realize all of the ads they have seen are false. the point that you brought up where you said it was the best line romney had about he's the guy who wants to raise taxes on the middle class and reduce taxes on the rich, romney took the beginning of that debate and attacked each of the points and demolished them. all of that came from negative advertising. i think what he did last night is he dissolved $150 million of negative ads and turned themmed to dust. the candidates will face off
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again october 16th. president biden and pa-- vice president biden and paul ryan. >> that will be a good one. >> yes. i am looking forward to that one. >> janice dean has updates on the snowy conditions in parts of the parts west. >> snow? >> say it ain't snow. >> these totals coming from northwest, minnesota. first week of october. over a foot of snow in angus all of the way down to carlsbad all record snowfall totals this early in the season. things are going to warm up. temperatures are going to warm up. a good part of the country is below freezing. look at rapid city 32, 49 kansas city, 67 memphis.
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this cold front is going to push into the central u.s. and even the northeast this week. you can see the temperature change over the last 24-hours 22 degree difference in minneapolis. a change is a coming, ladies. get that winter gear out. >> janice, thank you so much. >> now to stories you can bank on this morning. disturbing data on the labor front. hours before the lease of september jobs numbers. bad news on layoffs. >> yes. we got a report yesterday employers announced nearly 34,000 planned job cuts last month. that was up 5 percent from august. it comes from the job consultant challenger crisman. we are firing fewer workers. planned cuts were 70 percent fewer than this time last year. the bad news is in this point in an economic cycle we need to hire more workers and clearly we are not. >> hard to find a positive swinn on that one.
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>> credit delinquencies are at a 6 year low. >> we are doing our job paying bills on time. bank card debt fell, to an 11-year low. we are getting better paying ow bills. >> lay aways are a big deal now oo poo if you wanted fur bees toys r us selling out on popular toys. parents said they wanted more time to pay their bills. sears and kmart they got rid of the more service fees. they are doing well it's not even halloween. >> not a good sign layoffs have picked up. >> we have new warnings to tell you about about this meningitis
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outbreak. 5 people have died as a result. the is saying in the next few weeks that number could increase. we will explain what you need to be on the lookout for. >> when you go to 5,000 and you only have a few hours to adjust i don't know maybe. >> maybe it's global warming. we will have romney's reaction to that comment next. first let's go to jay leno. >> mitt romney won the presidential debate the consensus is. the only people thought obama won? the replacement refs those are the only ones.
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>> florida scoring a big win in its attempt to fight voter fraud. challenges ore the voter purge. people not citizens will be removed from the roles. opponents say it was illegal within 90-days of the election. judge said florida has a duty to stop ineligible voters from voting. bruce davis has been granted parole after 40 years behind bars. could be overturned by jerry brown. davis was convicted over 2 murders unrelate to do the infamous sharon tate murders. >> time for another look at who is talking. >> we are talking about al gore he gives interesting bizarre explanation of the president's debate performance.
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take a look at this. >> i am going to say something controversially. obama arrived in denver at 2:00 p.m. today just a few hours before the debate started. romney did his debate prep in denver. when you go to 5,000 feet and you only have a few hours to adjust, i don't know maybe. >> mitt romney also talking about that comment this morning giving sean hannity his take on the former vice president's debate announcement. would you agree maybe the altitude had an impact on the president last night. that was al gore's theory. >> look, it was a chance for each of us to describe our vision for the country. the president talked about his vision which was a continuation of the policies of the last four
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years. he wants to have a stimulus and investing for us. he wants to raise taxes as vice president biden blurted out they want to raise taxes by a trillion dollars more like 2 trillion by our calculations. he is laying out the same policies he has been talking about for the last four years. scary story. an outbreak of a rare and deadly form of me think gmeningitis. >> it is scary. the death tole reaching 35. the says that number could go even higher. cases of fungal meningitis in 6 states indiana, virginia, maryland, north carolina and florida. a steroid commonly used for back pain has been linked to this
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outbreak. federal health officials are trying to contact thousands of people who received the steroid in the past three months. >> they are working with state and health department. they recalled loss of medication. they may have been exposed to find out if they are having symptoms and to instruct them to seek healthcare should they be ill. so it's possible we might identify other cases in the coming days. some things include chills, fever and nausea. >> to have a shot six days later you are fighting for your life and you lose your life. >> my children have lost a father. >> the drug maker new england
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compounding issued last week for three lots of the steroids. it is also voluntarily surrendered its license. >> mary ann thank you so much. it is 20 minutes after the hour. the much antis baited jobs report is due out in just about p hours. one of those -- a lot of people looking for a job. cheryl casone knee has done a lot to let you know about companies hiring right now. >> she is here doing that every week. >> they say it has nothing to do with politics but a release date for the new film on the raid for killing bin laden sparks a controversy. we will tell you about the timing for that. [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar for every dollar
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>> here's a look at quick
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headlines this morning. daryl hannah making a big splash in texas. she has been raised for froesing the keystone pipeline. hannah and the 78-year-old property owner whose land was taken by eminent domain by the project stood in front of ground clearing equipment to stop workers. both were raised for trespassing. romney's dominant first presidential debate now ann will be in the spotlight. abc news announcing she will make her television debut by co hosting good morning america next week. mrs. romney will fill in for robin roberts as she continues to recover from a blood disorder. jobless claims rising by 367,000 in the latest -- in the last week.
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cheryl casosone has two hiring right now. >> good morning, heather. >> the jobs report today we are not expecting a good number at all. expect 113,000. that is not a good number. working on finding people jobs. obviously we have a couple of companies that want to pilot. they use inhome care. this is for those disabled and they can help if you are pregnant you have to be on bed rest things like that. 1800 jobs you can make about 900 an hour if you are nonmedical inhome care specialist. they are looking to a span across the country. they will train you. you won't have to have the medical background to get a position just don't have a criminal record. >> an american multi national
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company is hiring. >> this is amc corporation. everything is in the cloud. iphones are in the cloud cell phones everything else. that's what they do. they do cloud storage. they are looking to hire data scientists that sounds interesting. sales engineers professional services. they have hundreds of jobs they are going to be larger than they were last year. they have expanded in utah, chicago, silicone valley in the northeast. fortune magazine named them one of the most desired companies. >> the restaurant industry expanding. >> i hadn't heard about this one. moo-ya's. >> moo-ve is hiring. they have about 800 jobs that are going to be opening up over the next few months. they need business consultants,
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gm's assistant gm's. they are looking to hire in texas and state of arkansas. number one top 100 movers and shakers but again it's burgers, fries others are chocolate shakes. >> anything looks good at this hour. >> appreciate it as always hopefully. don't forget to find out where the jobs are. they can log on to and check out the fox business network. using your tax payer dollars to convince you to change your mind. how much the obama administration is spending to get you to love obama care. could a simple blood test help spot early signs of breast
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cancer. researchs are working on that. we have details in today's heal -- fox health fix. >> doctors know the first james bond movie that was released way back in 1962. >> she thought i was dead. but i proceeded to prove her wrong. but things are starting to turn around because of business people like you. and regions is here to help. with the experience and service to keep things rolling. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together.
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>> according to delta dental the average gift from the tooth
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fairy is up 2.10. it's up from 1.48. it's now $2.10. if only president obama had had this information last night for the debate. no, he could prove the 5-year-old toothless kid is better off today than he was 4 years ago. >> kids are a lot better off nowadays aren't they? welcome back to "fox & friends first". i am heather nauert. >> i am heather childers. i remember getting a quarter. it is 31 after the hour. the top five stories making news for you at this hour. it is being called one of the biggest medicare fraud busts on record. >> series of coordinating nationwide law enforcement action, charges have been brought against 91 defendants including doctors, injuriesnurs other licensed medical professionals for their alleged participation in fraud schemes
5:32 am
involving $430 million in false billings. >> the justice department says the themes were based in 7 cities including new york, chicago, los angeles and miami. holder says one doctor in dallas allegedly was behind over $100 million worth of false bills. 91 people were charged in medicaid fraud case last year. >> they say it has nothing to do with politics. >> analysts have on several occasions recognized the men who appears freed. >> it is osama bin laden. >> we are talking about a really controversial movie about osama bin laden and the raid. this will air on television two-days before the presidential election. the national geographic channel will air seal team 6. it is being distributed the weinstein company co-chair man harvey weinstein. he's a big supporter of president obama. the channel says the air date
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was picked to help promote the start of the fall season but not everybody is buying that. president obama has been criticized for politicizing that raid. what do you do when many americans still aren't sold on obama care? if you are the department of health and human services, you spend millions more on tax payer money to promote it. hhs signed a $3 million deal with weather shand wick a pr firm to promote obama care. another pr firm got paid 20 million earlier this year to push obama care. the not for profit kaiser foundation found 45 percent had a favorable opinion of obama care. 40 percent had an unfavorable opinion and 14 percent were unsure or they just wouldn't say. a terrifying scene taking place in texas after a school bus runs off the road and plunges 20 feet off an over pass. three people were on board at the time and one of them was a
5:34 am
child. reportedly good samaritans broke through the window and they rescued the young boy thank goodness. all three were taken to the hospital and no one was seriously hurt. cops say the bus hit another car and that driver also not seriously hurt. the cause of this crash is under investigation. but the bus driver claims the car cut him off. a hero's welcome home for a soldier injured in afghanistan. >> army staff sergeant travis mills being honored as a grand marshal of the home town's high school homecoming parade. he has been recovering in wash dc that since a bomb ex employees caught in his arms and legs in afghanistan. he just returned home to his family in vasser, michigan this week. >> my daughter is going to grow up and know that i am a fighter. she will brgrab my hand and we
5:35 am
will walk together. i can feel the pressure go through to my arm i teared up. >> he will be returning to washington, d.c. for six more months of rehabilitation. >> that is your 5@5:30. >> nothing feels better than your child holding your hand. >> president obama finding himself on the defensive after mitt romney's strong debate performance next week. more bad news could come in in a few hours with jobs numbers. doug luzader is live with how this is playing out on the campaign trail. >> good morning. we are going to hear a whole range of topics today. post debate analysis continues. one of the things we will be talking about is the nation's unemployment rate. you see it charted out through the course of the president's administration. where does it head from here that is a big concern for both campaigns. we will have the numbers in about 3 hours. president obama spent more time in swing states yesterday. he visited wisconsin, he will be
5:36 am
in virginia today. what we saw is kind of a reinvigorated candidate trying to recover from what many saw as a lackluster performance. the man on stage last night, he does not want to be held accountable for the real mitt romney's decisions and what he has been saying for the last year. that's because he knows full well that we don't want what he has been selling for the last year. governor romney may dance around his positions, but if you want to be president you owe the american people the truth. >> mitt romney also on the campaign trail in virginia. he was basking in the glow of his debate performance. in an interview with sean hannity he made a pivot from domestic issues and foreign policy specifically the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya.
5:37 am
>> i believe obviously what happened there was a tragic failure. there had been warnings of a possible attack. following the tragedy, we saw misleading information-coming from the administration. in fact the president didn't acknowledge this was a terrorist act for what, a week or two? this was a terrorist attack, lives were lost. this happened on 9-11. we expect can dorr and transparency from the president, from the administration and we didn't get it. >> both campaigns are going to be talking about the new unemployment numbers today. remember there are still two numbers to add to the very end of that chart. one says numbers comes out today for september. the october numbers come out on november 2nd four-days before the general election. back to you guys. thank you so much. did you see all of the people were in coats there? that's because it's a little cold in the midwest. >> janice dean with more on
5:38 am
that. >> you say your in-laws enjoy this type of weather? like you canadian gal. >> we got the worst of it yesterday across portions of minnesota and north dakota. they actually had record snow over a foot of snow in northwest minnesota. look at the temperature change. this is because we had a powerful cold front that is going to push southward and eastward. all of this is pushing ose ward. breeze advisories posted for almost a dozen states. satellite imagery showing you where it is ahead of the front. that's where we are seeing unsettled weather. showers across florida and the new england area. >> bundle up. get the puffy coats out. >> i love the puffy coats. it's puffy coat season.
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>> it is october and had honor of it being breast cancer awareness month we have a special edition of healfox heal fix. pretty in pink for a roundup of the latest cancer news. >> good morning to you, heather. good morning to everybody at home. researchers say in the not so distant future a simple blood test could spot signs of breast cancer. scientists hope the breast test will be able to see whether they are likely to relapse and what drugs their particular type of tumor will respond to. scientists are also looking at using a blood test to detect bowel and lung cancer. breast cancer has been as deadly as combat for military women in recent years while more than 800 woman have been wounded in iraq and afghanistan about the same number have been diagnosed with breast cancer. congress granted $120 million to
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fund the research. breast cancer rates among military women and men are alarming. a walter reed army medical sent center study says women are 40 percent more likely to get the disease than other women. although breast cancer among men is rare dozens of men at camp lejeune have been diagnosed and researchers with the are prepare ago study to try to determine whether the culprit is contaminated drinking water. we have a few fun products you may be wanting to invest in. proctor & gamble is bringing meaning to cleaning if we want to bring those in we have swiffer starter kits. here's this one down here. they will be available at wal-mart all month long. they are making a -- proctor & gamble is making a 100,000 dollar donation for cleaning for a reason. that's a nonprofit that works to clean homes of women battling cancer. we have these sheik ear buds
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going to the cause as well. ladies i am going to dig into these. >> no fair. you have to share. the time is now 41 after the top of the hour and coming up it is the second to last jobs report before election day. we will breakdown the forecast on the numbers that could help sway voter opinion maybe. there is caught on camera a teenager punches out a bus driver. we will have the details on this coming up next. [ male announcer ] what if you had thermal night-vision goggles, like in a special ops mission? you'd spot movement, gather intelligence with minimal collateral damage. but rather than neutralizing enemies in their sleep, yoargeting stocks to trade. well, that's what trade architect's heat maps do. they make you a trading assassin. trade architect. td ameritrade's empowering web-based trading platform.
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trade commission-free for 60 days, and we'll throw in up to $600 when you open an account.
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>> welcome back. september jobs numbers out in just a few hours. fox business network diane macedo is here now with more on what to expect. good news or bad news? >> well, heather it depends on how this report comes out. right now it is not looking too
5:46 am
great. right now the jobs report is one of the most important pieces of economic data. we are going to get this out lart this morning. this one holds even more weight because it's the second to last one we will get before the presidential election. the economy is estimated 113,000 jobs last month which would be up from the 96,000 in august. both numbers are well below what is needed for a healthy economy. unemployment rate is expected to kick up slightly from 8.1 to 8.2 percent. be will be looking for the labor force participation rate. that shows the percentage of working americans who has a job or are looking for one. that numbers fell to a 30 year low in august. it's a sign more people either aren't interested in finding a job or may be too discouraged to look. that report comes out at 8:30 eastern time and as usual fox business will have all of the numbers live from the labor department. thank you very much diane macedo. appreciate it. >> it is 50 minutes before the
5:47 am
hour. getting tv to keep up with all of the political drama. we have all of the apps to keep you politically savvy on the go. electric shock therapy for david blaine. he wants you to participate. what? but up first let's check in with steve doocy who is not participating in that. see what's coming up on "fox & friends". >> maybe we can wire the couch up here with electrodes to give you the wrong answer. >> wow. >> wow indeed. >> the president of the united states didn't have right answers the other night in the big debate. hands down most people think mitt romney did win. now the left is in full damage control mode. we are going to talk politics with geraldo and dick morris will be with us pretty soon in the 6:00 hour. the stars of the duck dynasty you ever see the show it's hilarious and funny and we have them live.
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fox and friends kicks off in 10 minutes right here in the fox news chair.
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>> it is about 10 minutes to the top of the hour. did lou gehrig die from something other than lou gehrig's disease? they wanted medical records released. they think the yankee's legend could have died because of brain trauma from concussions. ger rig has no living regular tives. the mayo clinic says his record should stay sealed. >> david blaine is preparing for his shocking new stunt in noiew york city. shocking because he will be standing in the middle of a million volts of electric current for 72 hours. the public will be able to control the level of electricity
5:52 am
being released. blaine will be wearing a chain metal body suit as a barrier. i don't know if that will help. heather? >> kind of crazy. >> wednesday's debate was the most tweeted about political event in history. that goes to show how vital social media is in today's election. we have new apps to tell you about. what are they? clayton morris is here with the tech guru. the first one is the poll tracker. if you want to know every poll from every race across the country where else are you going to find this? on your mobile device. they have put out this poll tracker so you can get up to date poll information from every polling resource from every district, every senate race even the presidential race over night there are all of the different polls out you can get them with poll trackers. you can set your favorites, too. >> that's terrific otherwise you
5:53 am
have to dig through the information if you want to find out about a senate race or house race. >> information on how to register for vote important for people deployed overseas. >> great source for the military. google will be rolling out things closer to the election. this one you can access over your mobile device. >> all sorts of election information including how to register to vote where to find polling places and great resources. >> what is this election center? >> i use it all of the time to listen to pod casts. when launch the app there's aen election section bug you tap on it it will play any audio any news clips. you may find heather's voice on there from anything from fox news that was posted on-line. all of it is aggregated in one election center. >> that's kind of cool. >> super pacs has made a lot of news. >> we all want to know where the money is coming from. billionaires buying elections spending so much money. you ever see the music apps you can hold it up to the radio and
5:54 am
feigned out what song you are listening to? this works the same way, hold your phone up to the television it will listen to the ad on the tv and it will tell you who funded it how much money they are actually funneling into the campaign. is it a conservative think tank where it is coming from. you get the information on the phone. >> listening to the ad. >> super pac's and unions are buying the ads now. >> you don't always know who is buying them. >> this is the fantasy football for politics. this is on the web site. >> this is fox news you decide 2012 ipad app. they have done an incredible thing with this app. the have great veerses going into the app and picking different ideas from where the electoral map could change based on different polls information from michigan and ohio. the app is free. >> what do you do if you beat karl rove and tripy.
5:55 am
>> i will sweet karl. we will send you a mug or something. >> clayton morris, thank you so much. it is now 6 minutes before the hour and showing a real displeasure with his representation, one client sucker punching his attorney. we will tell you what got him so enraged that's coming up. can you figure out the word of the day? stick around for the answer. we will be right back.
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. 7 7 >> welcome back. we look at the good, bad. the ugly . romance taken to a new level in venice, italy.
5:59 am
that is awesome . the ship cruise entertainer popped the question to his long-time girlfriend with the help of friend and of course she said yes. up next, the bad, the teen in kansas city caught on camera, sucker-punching a person. finally, ugly . this guy taking a cue from this teen in missouri . he has a long rap sheet. he punched his lawyer in court. he took that punch after learning his sentence of 15 years. >>


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